Individual courses

Quickly and efficiently work on your personal goals in a short time.

The personal approach

The personal approach will enable students to benefit more in a shorter period.

Long-term courses

A trimester, semester or a full school year? Our intensive course is ideal for you!

Learn Dutch efficiently

We are serious about your progress!

  • Advanced courses

    Each student has different objectives, one student learns faster than the other. Our courses are structured in such a way that we can easily accommodate this.

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  • Personal coaching

    All students of cosmocollege are classified per level. But at every level there is also a difference in terms of interest, goals, pace and learning style. We address all of these.

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  • Our teachers

    Our committed and dedicated teachers provide the best learning experience.

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  • Accommodation

    Our carefully selected host families, student rooms and B&B ensure a pleasant stay in the neighbourhood of Antwerp.

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