Host family

Most students stay in a host family during their course. This is therefore the best method to use what is learned at school as well in practice.
A host family is not necessarily a family with two parents and children. It may just as well be a single lady, who is waiting impatiently for the next student to welcome them, or a one-parent family with children who are ready to teach their temporary big brother or sister Dutch, or a retired couple with enough time to talk late at night about a variety of subjects. All families have one thing in common: they have been selected by our housing manager to give their student a pleasant stay.

  • Your stay starts on Sunday afternoon or evening until Saturday afternoon.
  • Half board (breakfast and dinner) from Monday to Friday. There are plenty of bistros, restaurants and sandwich shops near the school. There is also a supermarket.
  • Students enrolling for two or more weeks have full board during the weekend, without supplement.
  • The price our students pay per week is a special weekly rate. There is therefore no refund if the student does not stay in the family for one or more days. The price per extra night is € 35.
  • Students stay in a single room The bathroom is usually shared with the family or with other students.
  • Bed linen and towels are provided.
  • Students who stay longer than 2 weeks can do one or two washings per week in the family, alternatively there is a laundromat less than 5 minutes from the school.


Our host families open their homes for our students. The payment they receive for this is minimal compared to a B&B. They usually do this out of interest and to make it possible for students to learn Dutch faster through immersion. We therefore ask you to respect the rules.

  • You are a guest in the family. It is therefore no more than normal that you adapt to the habits and rules that exist in the family. For example, the hour at which people eat, do not make noise after sleeping time, etc.
  • There are always cultural differences, even between Flemings and Walloons. You notice this for example in the diet. Some dishes are prepared differently. It is not up to you to demand that the family cooks according to the customs in your country or region.
  • Flemish students usually eat sandwiches at school in the afternoon. Although there is a microwave in the school that the students can use, it is not the intention that you heat up every afternoon.
  • If you break something in the family, report this immediately. The cost of the repair or replacement of what you have destroyed is for your account. So make sure that you have insurance. Discuss this before you leave with your insurance broker.

Price: 150€ per week unless otherwise stated in the course.

Student room

Antwerp is a student city and there are many student rooms. Until a few years ago, however, it was almost impossible to rent a “kot” for less than one school year. There was, after all, a shortage of rooms. However, this has changed, and a number of student rooms are available for 1 or more months. Most are located in the vicinity of a campus, but there are also a number in the vicinity of cosmocollege. Advantage: these rooms are cheaper.

You usually share the house with some (Dutch speaking) students. You have your own room, sometimes your own bathroom. Often the bathroom and also the kitchen is shared with the other student (s).

If you opt for this formula, you have to be sufficiently independent, be able to take care of your own meals, brush and make contact with others.

Price: from 400 € per month incl. Expenses.

Bed & Breakfast

Antwerp also has a large number of B&B’s. If you choose this formula, we advise you to take a look at  . Prices from 60 € / night for room and breakfast.

It can also be cheaper, for that you can go to airbnb. Rooms (without breakfast) from 31 € / night. In most cases there is a reduction for a stay of one or more weeks.

Expense account

On the first day of classes, the student is asked to open an expense account.

The amount depends on the number of weeks the student stays in Antwerp.

  • A stay between 1 and 4 weeks: 150 €
  • A stay of more than 4 weeks: 300 €

This money will be used for:

  • In the case of any damaged objects in the host family’s house, at school or with loaned school material.
  • Books are borrowed for free and must be returned undamaged at the end of the course. However, students often prefer to purchase books.
  • A bus or train pass which is optional.
  • Participation in activities / excursions (optional)
  • Registration fee for the CNaVT test

The balance will be refunded on the last day of classes.